Home Town

The sound of our voices filled the stillness of the air,
As we walked around our town our young lives knew little care.
The harvest moon, large and bright, shone down to light our way,
As I look back it seems it was but yesterday.

The fields around were filled with corn stalk tents
And pumpkins on the vine.
Our souls and God's nature together intertwined.

The world stretched out before us like a broad smooth road.
Courageous hearts, hope and faith in us abode.
Unforeseen the rocky roads and stormy skies held at bay,
The trials that rend the heart and twist resolve
As we travel life's pathway.

That little town so far away, that cool crisp night with harvest
Moon, I still cherish in my mind,
Held in a special place I visit time to time.

Mary Jo Beasley-Cowles

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